Shriramcharitmanas Sundarkand, Bangla

Shriramcharitmanas Sundarkand, Bangla
Book Code: 1356
This book sized edition of Shriramcharitmanas Sundarkand has original text in Bangla followed by commentary in Bangla in book size.


Shriramcharitmanas is the most excellent piece of work in Hindi literature. Shriramcharitmanas of Goswami Tulsidas is an excellent specimen of ideal duties of a sovereign, ideal household life, ideal conjugal life and other ideal rights of human beings. It is quite impossible to find some other literary work in the world which contains highest level of devotion, knowledge, renunciation, dispassion etc. Reverently recitation of the verses of this book, and acting upon the instructions as given in the book make human beings able to attain divine bliss. Procedure of recitation of verses, brief biography of Goswami Ji and Aarti have been given in all the editions of Shriramcharitmanas.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Book Code 1356
Pages 64
Language Bangla
Author Swami Ramsukhdas
Size (cms.) 13.3 x 20.3